Services that make a difference

Looking for a home in Sicily?

Trust us for a safe and secure purchase, this is what we do for you

We listen to your needs

We try to understand your reasons for your purchase and your dream lifestyle in Sicily so we can best suit your needs

Verification of the economic part

Guidance and assistance in the event of a purchase with a bank loan to understand the financing capacity as well as consults on expenses and taxation following the purchase

Presentation of properties

Based on the criteria above, we present 2 or 3 houses (in person or remote) and then refine our search until we find the perfect house. Each proposed property has already been verified by our technical team and can be sold in compliance with all the regulations.

Formulation of the purchase proposal

Planning of times and modes of purchase for the property and all represented parts of the sale

presentation of the offer

From here the negotiation process begins with the seller and we assist until an agreement is reached that is satisfactory for all parties

Help and support with the deed

We prepare all the documents for the bureaucratic part for a quick and easy visit to the notary with no surprises

We are your point of reference in Sicily

We are by your side able to cater to your every need from municipal practices for residence and utilities to advice on where to find services and products for your new life in Sicily

Do you want to sell your house?

With REI optimise times of negotiation

1. Inspections and listening to your needs

We analyze the reason and timing of the sale, we verify the urban/land register documentation and, in the event of a transfer, we assist you in finding a new home

2. Promotion of the property

We can make drone videos, virtual tours and photo shoots. We publish the advertisement on our website and on specialised portals, we share it with Italian and foreign professionals in the sector and with referenced contact lists to reach the greatest number of potential buyers

3. Assistance in the negotiation when handling the deed

Once we have found the buyer, we assist you throughout the negotiation phase until an agreement is reached that is satisfactory for both parties. We prepare all the bureaucratic part to arrive at the notary with the necessary documents and without surprises.