REI - Real Estate Investments


Our goal is to make a difference: we put ourselves at the disposal of our customers to support them throughout the process of buying and/or selling a property in Sicily.
We are a point of reference for those unfamiliar with this region and its dynamics, before, during and after the sale..


In the short term we will also open an agency in Palermo, focused on the city market.

In the medium term, we aim to enter the commercial sector and the hotel and tourist reception sector, to expand our customer target and the range of services provided.

How we got here

Antonella and Enzo come from two different working sectors: she was a banker in the home mortgage sector, he was a surveyor in professional firms.

They met each other in Emilia Romagna in the workplace. Their common passion for the real estate sector lead them to open an agency in which they could put their skills into practice: Mutui e Case in which they worked for 9 years in Sassuolo


After facing the crisis in the ceramic district of the ceramic sector, they decide to move to their beloved Sicily, Enzo’s homeland. Here they continue with Mortgages and Houses, also focusing their activity on tourist as well as residential leases and sales


Always aiming for growth and renewal, they join an international real estate franchise with which they worked for 5 years.


Continuing on their growth path, they decide to break away from the franchise and open their own real estate reality dedicated not only to the residential sector, but also to the tourist sector, with particular attention to foreign customers. The goal is to expand the range of services provided, open new agencies and enter other sectors that orbit around the real estate one.


Our team

Founding members

Romano Enzo

He has been in the real estate sector since 1996. He had experience first in the technical field, in collaboration with an important engineering firm in the province of Palermo, then as a real estate agent. This adventure begins in Emilia Romagna, between the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia in one of the main real estate franchises of the time and subsequently until 2018 as owner of his first real estate agency. From 2018 to 2023 he was an agency broker affiliated with one of the largest international real estate franchises. In 2021 founder together with Antonella De Martin Modolado of REI – Real Estate Investments.

He is engaged in social work as an active member of the National Carabinieri Association

De Martin Modolado Antonella

Venetian by birth and studies, she moved to Emilia Romagna in 2001 and to Sicily in 2009, out of love for this land. Since 1994 she has worked in the banking/financial sector first and then in real estate. In 2021 you founded, together with Enzo Romano, Rei – Real Estate Investments, a real estate agency in Balestrate dedicated to the residential and tourism sector.

Its characteristics: Visionary, Determined, tireless. She loves animals and plants.


Romano Massimo

Surveyor since 2005 and safety coordinator. He is fully specialised in urban planning, cadastre and topography: the latter, in particular, represents a true passion for him, as well as a job. He has participated and collaborated in the creation of large projects such as, for example, the creation of the Forum Shopping Center in Palermo. He loves music and plays guitar and piano.

Lo Bianco Jessica

Qualified surveyor since 2012. She has the constant commitment to always stay up to date, informed and trained, to guarantee a high level professional service to our customers. She takes care of the technical consultancy.